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marcus-smThis website is getting ready for an overhaul.

Please add your comments below or on the Endorsements page if you have heard Marcus speak or wish to ask a question or make another comment.


3 thoughts on “New website coming…

  1. Your the most inspiring speaker i have ever heard!! bought me to Tears! i know youve changed a lot of peoples lives!! thnakyou so much :)

  2. This comment from one of our engineers attending conference this year;
    Marcus is the most fantastic, brilliant, inspiring & entertaining speaker I have ever heard.I have seen & heard many speakers, but none have ever made me want to hang around with the crowds after & wait to have my turn to simply shake his hand & say thank you.I would strongly secommend evertone take time to hear him speak, to hear his story. It takes a speacial person to bring a room full of mostly middle aged engineers to their feet(&even some of them to tears)

  3. Tena koe Marcus

    I’ve been fortunate to hear you speak two times now, at an involve conference and at Otorohanga College. Both times, I’ve been impressed even though the korero was repeatitive. The art of oratory and storytelling, you have such a wonderful talent, your stories took me on an emotional journey.

    Are you still available to communities through local government?

    Nga mihi

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